Şükrü Serinkan has started his professional life 34 years ago as a pageboy just on the factory floor. Since 2006 he has been running his own business. When he had first started, it was a small cottage with six tables. This little cottage has become Garson Şükrü with its 200 people capacity, 60 tables and 30 employees as a result of its good and elaborate service.

At Garson Şükrü preparations start at 09.00 am every day. Şükrü Serinkan first purchases the cheese, olives and cream he will need that day from his customary diary at Bayramyeri; then goes to the bazaar of the day in Denizli, wherever it is set up. He himself selects the freshest vegetables and fruits. Then he purchases the meat needed, from his customary butcher with the same daintiness and delivers them to his chefs, with whom he has been working together for many years, to prepare the excellent flavors of which all the recipes belong to Garson Şükrü.

Garson Şükrü and his team have always been looking for new flavors and they serve their customers with original meals as Prey Roast (Lemon Meat), Nurish Kebab, Hasir Kunafah and Trio as well as they add their own exercise to all the classical Turkish flavors.

Enchantment in this venue – where Garson Şükrü, dedicated to his profession by heart and with his corkscrew and pen in his hands and his white shirt on and his family by his side – continues without interruption with its flavors, location and conversation at the garden in summer or by the fireside in winter.