Greeneries with Quail Eggs



Broken Olives

Dried Tomatoes

Sauced Eggplant

Russian Salad

Antep Ezme

Yoghurt with Purslane






Red Pepper Pickles

Humus with Pastrami

Pickled Beet


Dried Cow-Pea

Gelin Pickle


Iced Almond

Green Salad

Luxurious Salad

Gavurdag Salad

Sheet Liver

An essential of Garson Şükrü with its fats and spices, cut and method of cooking…

Liver Shish

In southern regions of Turkey people eat liver at breakfast. It is put on skewers after marinating with salt at Garson Şükrü.


Even though there is not much historic evidence, sausage may be classified as an Anatolian flavor and it is served with its most delicious aspect at Garson Şükrü.

Adana Kebab

It is a kebab made of meat minced using a special chopping knife unique to Adana and named “zirh”. The most significant feature which distinguishes it from other kebabs is the meat used for cooking it… the meat used for Adana kebab must be obtained from male lambs that are bred in a region where a unique species can be bred in its natural environment…

Urfa Kebab

Urfa kebab is made of minced meat without hot pepper because people of Urfa generally do not like sour meals and it takes its place in the Turkish cuisine and Garson Şükrü…

Kebab with Tomatoes

Kebab with tomatoes is commonly made around Birecik and depending on the season, onions, parsley or peppers are served with it.

Kebab with Eggplants

It is one of the most famous meals of Gaziantep cuisine and it is called as “Balcan” kebab also...

Chef’s Kebab

Sheet thin meat is rolled over minced Adana kebab meat and served adding extra hot pepper...


The first sentence where fillet is used in Turkey is; “fillet meat and asparagus would be extra after this…” The word is derived from French “Bon Fillet” and means “fine fillet” in Turkish…

Lamb Shish

The irreplaceable grill, with its large pieces of lamb meat…


Large pieces of meat are put on skewers with onions between each…

Mixed Grill

Served with 3 different meats of your choice…


Lokum is obtained from the center of calf fillet. It is floated for around twenty days and cooked and served. It’s very soft just like Turkish delight, as its name tells…

Pabuc Meatballs with Yellow Cheese

Pabuc meatballs with yellow cheese in its mixture…

Aleppo Meatballs

Another flavor from Aleppo known for its meatballs and stuffed vegetables…

Lamb Chump

Chumps is a bone-in meat obtained from the upper part of a lamb’s back ribs with its soft meat and does not require any marination…

Chicken Wings

The irreplaceable meat of the barbecues for years, chicken wings…

Chicken Shish

The most delicious state of chicken meat…

Fillet Steak Wrap

Fillet meat is cut very thin, yellow cheese is wrapped inside it and they are spit and cooked well. It is served with garlic yoghurt and a sauce made of tomato paste…

Ali Nazik

It is a meal unique to Turkish cuisine and especially Gaziantep region. It is derived from “Âlâ Nazik”. In Arabic “âlâ” means beautiful, “nazik” means meal. According to a story Ottoman Empire Yavuz Sultan Selim is served with this meal and he likes it very much and he asks “which gentle handed chef cooked this meal?”. Since then it is known as Ali Nazik.

Cokertme Kebab

Cokertme Kebab with its delicious meat is unique to Bodrum and known as Bodrum Kebab as well…

Sheet Roast

A small lamb leg is cut in sheet like slices and roasted in a special oil. Just before service, lemon is added…

Sac Roast

A flavor of diced meat served in the iron plate it is roasted in…

Shepherd Roast

A meal unique to Turkish cuisine made of roasted meat and various vegetables…

Fruit Nappy


Hasir Kunafah

Hasir Kunafah has existed as a result of a 20-day R&D and is different from normal Kunafah with its special cream, cheese and kadayif. It is 100% hand made with its 100% unique ingredients, cooking method and service…

Cozy Ice Cream

Cozy Halva

Fig Dessert

Carrot Slices Baklava

Pumpkin Dessert
(Cream, Sesame Oil)

Farina Halva with Ice Cream